What They Say About Me…

[quote cite=”Melissa | The Mead Group “]Corey is a natural leader who’s eye for visual design leads to incredible work and a healthy, fun and creative team. He continually brought innovative ideas to the table, improving the quality of our materials as well as their effectiveness and professionalism. As the manager of the creative team at CRISTA he supported his team, empowered them, and encouraged thinking outside of the box. Whenever I brought him and the team a project they not only completed it on time and with a collaborative spirit, but they knocked it out of the park! I was constantly impressed with the work being done, and under Corey’s leadership it was a pleasure to watch young designers grow and flourish. I had such a pleasure working alongside Corey during my time at CRISTA, and highly recommend him for any position he pursues.[/quote]

[quote cite=”Emily | The House Studios “]Corey is a joy to work with, who embodies extensive knowledge in photography, digital technical skills and business. I highly recommend Corey as an addition to your team or for your next photography project.[/quote]

[quote cite=”Joy | Joy Marie Inc.”]Corey is awesome creative talent with a very high level of competency in his field. He’s creative, generous and goes above and beyond what’s expected of him on any project he tackles.[/quote]

[quote cite=” Chris | Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “]Corey was brilliant at design when we were at SPU and he’s only continued to refine his craft and do amazing things. He’s a multi-talented designer, photographer, and business thinker. He would be an asset to any company looking for a strong thinker and leader.[/quote]

[quote cite=”Tim | Google Inc.”]Corey is an all-round creative professional; whatever the medium, he can be counted on to deliver high-quality results. He is flexible, trustworthy and personable.[/quote]

[quote cite=”Zach | REI”]Day to day with Corey was nothing less than exceptional. He was so much fun to work with and learn from. He has a great vision for conceptual thinking and execution. Corey was rock solid at explaining and describing creative ideas to me and to the team as well. His skills are definitely limitless and unbounded.[/quote]

[quote cite=”Josh | Comcast”]I worked with Corey on multiple occasions over a long period of time and each time he came to the table, I was more and more impressed. His creative ideas, his attention to detail and his flawless execution were seemingly par for his course!

I would gladly work with Corey again and look forward to the time![/quote]