Hello my name is Corey Hage,

I am a Art Director and Designer with 15+ years of experience in visual design and art direction. I can be best described as someone who is passionate about thinking strategically, asking hard questions, solving problems, mentoring other designers and pouring my heart into the craft I love. I have a demonstrated history of working in advertising, marketing and non-profit organizations. I live in Seattle, WA with my beautiful wife and 3 amazing children.  

Skills include: Strong mentorship capabilities and ability to both formally and informally coach creatives; Manage a creative team and working cross functionally with diverse teams; Ability to present and sell creative solutions to a diverse group of stakeholders; Expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Photography, Art Direction, and Video Production.

Available for Freelance or Full-time employment.

[jumbotron text=”Contact Me” url=”mailto:corey@hagecreative.com”]I am ready to tackle your next challenge[/jumbotron]